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Here’s my SPX schedule! For most of the weekend I’ll be camped out at Table N7 with Daryl Seitchik (across from Uncivilized Books at M10), selling/signing copies of Frontier #5, It Never Happened Again, Haunter, Wicked Chicken Queen, and some other minis. I’ll also be at these things:

Saturday - 1pm Signing at Retrofit (E5) with Madeleine Flores                  Saturday - 3pm Signing at Youth In Decline (J5)

Sunday - 3pm  Panel on Internet Comics with Rebecca MockBlaise Larmee, and Emily Carroll, moderated by Bill Kartopoulos

My Retrofit comic Wicked Chicken Queen is also up for an Ignatz for Outstanding Comic, which is very flattering and exciting. So I’ll be at the Ignatz Awards on Saturday night too.

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I will be seeing many of you at Small Press Expo (SPX) this coming weekend at the Sparkplug Comic Books table. One of the newer comic titles I will definitely have for sale is NEVER FORGETS, which was nominated this year by the Ignatz Awards committee for Outstanding Minicomic. 

Just for this week only, NEVER FORGETS can be read in its entirety online here. I will be taking the link down after September 14 so read it while you can! 

If you enjoy reading the story and plan on attending SPX this year, please consider voting for NEVER FORGETS under the “Outstanding Minicomic” category! And while you are at it, be sure to check out the other Ignatz-Awards nominated comic titles at SPX, which will all either be available for sale at various exhibitor tables or for free reading at the Ignatz Awards voting table. 

It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by the Ignatz Awards committee, and to have that coincide with my first-ever SPX experience is simply wonderful. Looking forward to seeing and meeting many of you there! 

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I wanted to let everyone know as of this month Pearlescent Gray will change from weekly single page updates to monthly 3-5+ page updates that will look very much like the post above.  I feel the the pages read much better in sequence and it will be less confusing.

As a result I’ve also restructured the Patreon Page for Pearlescent Gray.

Now for only $1 a month you can see all the pages early (as I finish them) rather than waiting for the updates at the end of every month.  Please consider subscribing, I work very hard making comics and can use all the help I can get!  If all of my followers kicked in just $1 a month this could be my full time job! (although I know that won’t happen •̀.̫•́✧).

There are other new perks, including for $100 a month you get an original page from that month’s update! (limited to 4 for now)

So if you feel so inclined:

Follow Pearlescent Gray Here

Support on Patreon Here

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Orbiter’s Prism by Drew Miller

Published by Neoglyphic Media

Orbiter’s Prism is an incredibly dense, fully painted existentialist romp with Mr. Fergeson, an artist who creates 2-D tools for expanding consciousness. One day, while overseeing the manufacture of his newest portfolio of creations in his factory, something strange begins to happen within Fergeson’s own mind. A new client is trying to commission a tool from him and he is determined to connect the dots.

16 pages, full color throughout, offset printed


Order here